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The SamurAI Bot ($SAMBO) combines the experience of a qualified team of alpha wallet trackers, with the power of artificial intelligence to automatically identify high-potential crypto plays and notify the village (community).

With the prevalence of 'alpha bots', why Samurai Bot?

The members of the Samurai Bot team have owned many 'alpha bots' over the last quarter but with the exception of Defi Robot (kudos to the developer), all have been disappointing.

These underperforming, or outrageously priced 'alpha bots' would activate too frequently to be of any real aid. Though they might occasionally score 100x or even 1000x gains and brag about those successes, those wins would be lost amid a heap of failures, lacking a vital component - the human touch. Nothing can surpass a group of seasoned alpha wallet trackers, and that's precisely what sets SAMBO apart from the rest.


Node based triggers

Our bot notifications trigger as soon as pre-defined criteria is met, through the use of node data.  No APIs required = no delays.


There's no set and forget. We constantly analyse data from 'mooners' to adjust our parameters to improve the calls.

Inhouse Alpha Wallet Managers

Find the giants of this space, and stay on top of the wallets they move to.

Quality over quantity

Forget 20 calls a day to get 1 winner. We focus on quality and strive to keep our strike rate 1:5 at most.

Let us do the work for you.

Our bot will traverse the blockchain, whilst our team will track the alpha.

Find the right indicators, and get the right results

We don't complicate it. Alpha wallets are the greatest indicator of potential alpha, but certain launch metrics can tell a compelling story too.

Access Bots

Blind Samurais

Our filtered high strike rate alpha call channel. Aiming to be so good you can blind ape all and be up.

High Strike Rate Samurais

Our high strike rate channel targeting 1 in 5 mooners!


With 97% of all tokens being scams or farms, it's important to narrow the search down to the most likely mooners.

Hungry Samurais

An interesting alpha call channel that pings when buyers are taking extra-ordinary measures to buy.


A multi-call channel that not only looks for alpha launches, but other tokens that are coming back from the dead.

Hamosi's Clan

A manual call channel for high potential, safu tokens only.

A Proven Track Record

The community have been delighted with the results of the Samurai Bot beta test, with a success rate of 1:5 or less. A 'success' is defined by a result that gains at least 10x or more from call.

1:5 Success Ratio

Our high strike rate call channel's success rate is market leading.  We challenege any others to compete.

Quality vs Quantity

We're not going to boast about the 1000x call Sambo made if it was amongst 1000 rugs. It's all about quality over quantity.

Always Building

Alpha indicators change on a daily basis, and so should our algorithms. We'll continue to learn and improve as we build.

Our community adds the last layer of alpha.

You won't be left to find alpha alone. The community members within the SamurAI Bot alpha chat, are some of the most experienced players in the industry and will share their knowledge and any intel they come across with fellow clan members so everyone eats. Find the giants, feed the village.

"The people here made me want to stay in this group.."



"Strong topnotch community where quality beats quantity"



"The bot calls the least amount of HP‘s in the whole space. Say goodbye to running out of funds, 1 call away from the next mooner."



"Sambo's setup connects all the dots to simplify the ‘alpha’ search for those who don’t have the time or patience to trawl the internet for that safu mooner, and the community is fire!



“Finding Alphas on your own is tough and boring. The Bot plus the great community make it easy and fun, I am so glad I joined”

Degen Grandad


"I'm even more confident about what's to come, which I'm sure will be a success and a long-term printer - Sambo is going to be the game changer of this space, I'm sure of it."



"Came for the tech, stayed for the most based community I’ve ever been apart of. What excites me the most is that the sky is truly the only limit here."



"I was always hopeful for this project and that hope only got greater, when I saw how strong the community was without a live bot; Sharing Alpha plays daily. I’m super bullish, as I know our community is full of diamond hands & I believe our bot will take us to the next level - helping us find gems & discussing the calls with people that know their stuff🤞"



"One of the keys to success in crypto is how solid the community supporting the token is. The Sambo Community are next level - committed to finding gems, and sharing the alpha so we can all eat. Now through the Samurai Bot, which has the highest strike rate in the space, the community can thrive and print even more so."

Hamosi $DMNDS 💎 🚀


"Happy with the quality over quantity approach."



Our villages are gated

Choose which Clan to join.

Samurai Quarters

Our Samurai Quarters describes our lower tier call channels where the intention will also be affordability. Find the giants, feed the village:

The Chiburi - A filtered alpha view of all new pairs.
Hungry Samurais - eager buyer alpha calls
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Mounted Samurais

Mounted Samurais are the second highest ranking soldiers of war, trained to protect the village at all costs.

All call channels within the Samurai Quarters
Plus, Blind Samurais - high strike rate calls
Plus, High Strike Rate - alpha calls
Plus, Mounted Samurais Alpha Chat where many non-called tokens are shared.
Access to the Sambo Copy-trade Alpha Sniper!
5,000,000+ $SAMBO
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The Dojo

The Dojo is for the highest ranking Samurais who are no longer on the frontline.  All wisdom is shared with them.

All call channels within the Mounted Samurais
Plus, The Dojo - a multi-call channel for alpha tokens.
Plus, access to Hamosi's Clan Channel
Access to the Sambo Copy-trade Alpha Sniper!
10,000,000+ $SAMBO
Buy Now

Keen to join the Clan?

Jump into the community Telegram chat and one of the communities members will be sure to help.

Who is the team behind Sambo?

Our team consists of dedicated community members who rallied in the wake of a past project's challenges. Originating from a community disheartened by unkept promises, leading members recognized the expertise and insights of our community, subsequently creating an enhanced utility themselves that aligns with their knack for discovering alpha. This endeavor solidified our community's unity and determination. Central to our mission is the principle: 'Find the giants, and feed the village'.

What are the taxes and what are they used for?

Buy and Sell Taxes are set at 5%.  2% goes to our development team, 1% to our alpha wallet finders, and 2% to our project lead.

Do the bots always call alpha?

Not always. The best use of the bot is to allow it to alert you of potentially lucrative plays. Our Blind Samurais channel however, has been developed with the intention to be the most effective call channel in the space and one where you could buy all calls and still be in profit overall. As always, DYOR.

What is the strike rate of Blind Samurais?

During beta testing, the strike rate of wins per call was just 1:2. There were a total of 6 calls with 3 exceeding 10x.

The objective is to ensure that the strike rate remains at 1:5 or better each month. Market conditions affect the success rate so DYOR as always.

What if the bot calls a token that multiplies with 10x within seconds? Do you still count it as a win?

All wins/losses are determined from the time of call. We understand that some calls are an unrealistic entry due to the volume at time of call, so we're working with another project to develop a copy trade sniper bot to allow traders to auto-buy tokens at the time of call to reduce the lag time between call and manually buying.

What variables does the bot consider when making a call?

Answering this directly would be disclosing the IP of the SamurAI Bot, but we can say that the bot considers 85+ variables when determining which tokens to call.